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Cheyenne Rain


Griffyn Scot

Cheyenne Rain and Griffyn Scot

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Our story

Griffyn and Cheyenne started dating on New Year's Eve of 2015.
This date has meant so much to them, they wanted to extend this anniversary to their marriage as well.

Cheyenne and Griffyn met at Sarasota High School, where they were both active in the school's Theatre program.
This is where Griffyn first proposed to Cheyenne. In the high school theater where they met, center stage, audience full, lights low, dressed in a handsome suit fit for a prince. Well, that's because he was a prince. Prince Charming, to be precise, in their school production of Twisted Fairytales, and Cheyenne was the Evil Queen who used wicked magic to force him to his knee and ask for her hand in marriage.

5 years later, Griffyn would find himself once again on one knee, asking for Cheyenne's hand in marriage.
Only this time, no script was provided, no frivolous costumes worn, and no magical persuasion was involved. (Well, maybe a *little* magical persuasion, he did ask in Disney World's Magic Kingdom, after all - the happiest, most magical place on Earth!)

While they were fortunate to have already begun their journey as a family with the welcoming of their daughter, Luna, they are excited to invite their loved ones to join them as they (FINALLY!) bind their unity through ceremony and law.