Cheyenne Rain


Griffyn Scot

Wedding Party

Brenna Griffith

Maid of the Highest Honor

A woman for whom the title "Maid of Honor" is far too basic.
Brenna is Cheyenne's older sister, and soon to be Griffyn's sister-in-law. She is a talented performer who has appeared in several local theatre productions. She is also highly skilled in calming Cheyenne during high-stress situations. As calming and unstressful as weddings are for a bride, you can imagine why Cheyenne chose her to be closest to her side.

Alyssa Holcomb


Alyssa is Cheyenne's future sister-in-law, aka Griffyn's older sister. She

Erin Gribbin


Erin is a long time friend of Cheyenne, and is considered a bonus older sister to her. She is a talented hair dresser, and is the only human alive to ever cut Cheyenne's hair in a way that did not make her cry afterwards. This is a big deal. Seriously.
She is a mom to 3 beautiful children - Emilia, Ronan, and Presley.

Linda Jones


Linda and Cheyenne met through their boyfriends being best friends with one another. Thank goodness for that, because now Linda and Cheyenne are best friends with eachother.
Anastasia Makarova